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At Sodexo Pass we like Andy Maslen. We’ve been using his services for copywriting and he has become a bit of a legend around the office.

This is how he describes himself:

“This is the blog of Andy Maslen. I am a corporate and marketing copywriter/trainer. Business writing has to work, but why shouldn’t there be a little poetry, too? I am FOR clarity, humanity, precision and persuasion. I am AGAINST bad writing in all its forms, from jargon to waffle, arrogance to idiocy.”

And it’s rather nice to notice that he seems to like us too. After visiting our team, here is what he said on his blog:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

“I attended a fantastic supplier briefing meeting at Sodexo yesterday. They are a huge global business yet they behave like a small company ie they look after their people (staff, customers AND suppliers) and really believe in making a difference.

“It’s rare to have a director of a business that big who is genuinely funny and approachable but Kevin Harrington is one of that rare breed.

“His best line was about the way all organisations have “rules” that everyone sticks to but which turn out not to be rules at all. When you break them, you find you can make things better. Bit like the English language really.”

Guess what? We recommend Andy Maslen’s business, Sunfish. Seriously though, he has written some good copy for us. Andy also works for brands like Economist, Herald Tribune and Top Gear.

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