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Smartphone users ignore mobile ads

This is an interesting piece of research from Deloitte. In the UK, 88% of consumers ignore adverts they receive on their mobiles and 36% automatically delete them. Just 9% of UK consumers take any further action once they view a

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Adverts with lasting impact

Someone asked me the other day to name a handful of adverts with lasting impact. There was a challenge. I started recalling Martini, Brut and the original VW Beetle adverts…so that shows my age. But these were not ads that

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Radio advertising

If you have any interest in the history of radio advertising in the UK, I would recommend the Brian Hayes presented programme titled “Radio Sales.” You can catch it on BBC iPlayer for the next few days. My favourite ad

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TV’s worst adverts

I tripped across this fun site, TV’s Worst Adverts, just now. It’s nice to know so many other people think the Picture Loans, Injury Lawyers and Glade adverts are pants. Have a look for your self http://tvs-worst-adverts.co.uk/ and you can comment

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