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Digital Leaders North West

Digital Leaders North West next monthly salon event that will be held in Lancaster on Thursday 19 February 2015 from 16.00 – 18.00. The theme will be ‘The Digital Employee’. Due to the online skills shortage within the North West, is

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Why a startup just published all of its employees’ salaries for the world to see

Here’s an idea to consider for 2014…complete transparency. San Francisco-based social media startup Buffer just did something unprecedented: It published the salaries of every one of its employees online, available for the public to see. “We hope this might help

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Embracing diversity

Why diversity matters when coming out of a recession …  Embracing Diversity – a white paper from Sodexo Equality and diversity – a strategic decision in maximising the value of your recovery from recession. Equality legislation has existed for over 25 years – supporting the

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Motivating employees on a budget

Keeping employees motivated and engaged is more important than ever during tough economic times. This white paper takes you through the dos and don’ts of incentivising on a budget – how to maintain morale and maximise the return on your

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Employee engagement tool

In this post: 1. What is employee engagement? 2. News of our new research tool: SayEngage 3. Our white paper on employee engagement What is employee engagement? Employee engagement refers to a positive relationship between an employee and their organisation,

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Defined by a vegetable

“The carrot has become the ubiquitous symbol of the incentive industry. We have allowed ourselves to be defined by a vegetable.” What a great line. This is the introduction to an article by Jim Dittman, founder and president of Dittman

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What really motivates?

Incentives as a motivational tool come in many forms, and schemes vary depending upon the size and structure of an organisation. Understanding the needs of employess can help companies to reap poisitve rewards from an incentives programme According to Kevin Harrington, director

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