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  • What is employee engagement?
  • News of our new research tool: SayEngage

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement refers to a positive relationship between an employee and their organisation, which has benefits for both employee and organisation.

Engaged employees are more likely to be loyal and contribute more to an organisation resulting in many benefits including greater customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

For this reason engaged employees are critical to business success. This has been argued as particularly true in the present climate.

This white paper takes it back to basics outlining how engagement differs from satisfaction, how it can be measured, why it matters and how to engage with your people.


We, Sodexo Motivation Solutions, have just introduced a new tool for businesses: SayEngage. SayEngage offers a new and different employee engagement survey for modern business. It was created and developed specifically for small and medium-sized organisations by Insitas Research. It is simple, low cost and it works.

Underpinned by psychological theory, the SayEngage survey helps organisations to identify areas where employee engagement is low and so requires action.

Once companies have carried out a SayEngage survey, they will be given support and advice by Sodexo on how to use incentives and rewards to improve on any areas of weakness which the report highlights.

The powerful combination of expertly constructed and independent employee research by Insitas and the motivation portfolio offered by Sodexo ensure that companies have the best opportunity to succeed through their people.

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I am a partner at Succession Plus. We are specialists in providing proactive, focused and strategic advice for SME owners to help them manage strategic Business Succession and Exit Planning. I am enjoying a career that has embraced product and service businesses at all stages of their journey. I have worked in technology, telecoms, consumer electronics, payments, media, and publishing.

4 Comments on “Employee engagement tool

  1. Presumably this is a hoax – what with the name Sodexo andh the ridiculously inflated pseudo-business jargon.

  2. Just passing while trying to find some quick, easy (and free) tools on motivation, job satisfaction and helping employees feel involved in a business. Felt someone should add some balance for the first comment.
    Brian, I’m not sure why you bothered to spend the time posting your message — you don’t support either of the two points you seem to make. Sodexo seems no more odd as a name to Enstone or Skerry, what is your point? Compared to other consultancy “garb” the language in Kevin’s post above and the white paper seem pretty straightforward and plain English, I don’t see your problem.
    Kevin, nice and simple to walk through but I think companies may have little cash to spend on this even with the medium/long term benefits of changing their culture for the better. The benefits are too “soft” and difficult to pin down.

  3. Hi Nick.

    Thanks for your comments. I agree this is a soft area for budget cuts.

    My position is that is costs thousands to replace people but only about £50 per head to really understand the levels of engagement and to get some actionable results.

    Here’s a fact: 38% of marketers in the UK expect to change employer in the next 12 months. Look at the cost of that! If understanding, achieved through an engagement survey, can reduce that a bit the employer would get a very positive return on investment.

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