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Groupon looks to tap 11 million inactive subscribers

I’m sure Groupon will have some success here: According to Reuters, Groupon is looking to tweak its email offers to show these 11 million inactive subscribers more deals that are closer to where they live, in a bid to persuade

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Groupon promotion results

This is fascinating, a wonderful example of the visual display of quantitative information…that works: http://hbr.org/tablet/0711/vision-statement Paul Butler used a computer programme to ‘scrape’ Groupon’s archive of deals in through February 2011. He captures the price of each offer, the number of

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Groupon business model is flawed

“The only way for businesses to justify the ‘loss leader’ promotion that Groupon uses to acquire new customers is to hope that the acquired customers return to the business in the future and pay regular, profitable prices,” says Seethu Seetharaman,

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