Wii on your television and the BBC wins

I guess most Wii owners know that they can connect to the internet using the built in Wi-Fi internet capability. But not everyone realises that you can also use this to connect to BBC iPlayer, 4oD from Channel 4 and the rebranded service from ITV called iTV Player.

4oD is difficult to use via a Wii and the iTV service thinks the Wii is a mobile device. Full marks to the BBC who actually manage their video service to work via a games console. And it’s all included in the licence fee 🙂

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1 Comment on “Wii on your television and the BBC wins

  1. Recently bought apple TV. It’s disappointing on video rental. Slow to get new titles, slow to download, just as expensive as the local video shop.

    It is good for getting youTube on the tv, but the novelty sort of wears off. I was thinking about suggesting they team up with bbc / itv … but, with any luck you might have given me a good solution via our Wii, assuming ours is not too old to support this. Nice one.

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