1970s Dinner Party Menu

1970s Dinner Party Menu

The plan is to have a 1970s dinner party tonight. Our guests are invited and the costumes are ready.

The 70s was a really good decade for music; a really rich ten years for quality and diversity. The iPod is set up with a random playlist of great music from a variety of genres.

We’ve even created a period menu. Note: this has been selected for fun and amusement (and ease of preparation), not to compete with Delia Smith. Of course, if you experienced the seventies, you may recall what a diverse decade it was. You may also remember that the food actually wasn’t that good.

Our 1970s dinner party menu

Hors d’oeuvres

Ritz crackers with pate


Batchelors cream of tomato soup
Prawn cocktail

Main course

Chicken in a basket


Black forest gateaux
After Eight mints


Babycham with a glacé cherry
Party 7
Snowballs with a glacé cherry
Mateus Rosé

This got me to thinking about food and beverage brands that have survived well since the 70s. Babycham is back in shops. After Eights never disappeared. Wine boxes are back on the shelves in Tesco. HP sauce lives on and Daddies is disappearing.

What 70s food and drinks brands would you have at your 1970s dinner party?

Ideas sent to me…


Prawn cocktails
Duck a l’orange
Black Forest Gateaux


Cheese sticks on a foil hedgehog
Cocktail sausages
Mini chicken Kievs
Pickled onions
Mixed grill and pineapple
Cheese fondue


Singapore Sling
Harvey Wallbanger
Brandy Alexander
French Chablis
German white wineLutomer Riesling
Black Tower wine
Blue Nun wine
Skol lager
Long Life beer

Update 30 August 2019:

I’ve just spotted a page on The Guardian that shows a number of seventies dinner party food dishes in photos. A couple are a little worrying! >> see the evidence (opens in a new tab)

1970s live music could be another theme for a 1970s dinner party. Here are some live music icons from the 1970s.

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3 Comments on “1970s Dinner Party Menu

  1. A slightly posher 70s themed dinner menu:


    French Onion Soup with Cheese Crouton


    Classic Retro Prawn Cocktail


    Homemade Ardennes Pâté with Melba Toast


    Coq au Vin


    Sole Véronique


    Duck à l’Orange

    All served with sauté or duchesse potatoes & seasonal vegetables.


    Homemade Black Forest Gâteau


    Oranges in Grand Marnier


    Blackcurrant Syllabub


    Filter Coffee and Mints

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