1970s live music

1970s iconic live music gear: Shure SM58, Marshall amp, Vox amp, Fender Stratocaster and a Ford Transi Van/

Some images are iconic and full of memories. For live music in the 1970s, these brands are truly memorable:

  • Shure SM58 microphone
  • Vox amplifier
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • Marshall head amplifier
  • Marshall 4 x 12″ speaker cabinet
  • Marshall PA speakers
  • Ford Transit van

What other images would conjure up memories of live music in the 1970s? Let me know.

2 comments on “1970s live music
  1. Paul B says:

    Beaten up wedge speakers, beer coated jack leads, Watneys Party 7, sticky floors. Despite all that it was enjoyable.

  2. Richard says:

    For me it’s smoke filled pubs with people wearing flared Levis and waistcoats. The click of Zippo lighters.

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