Tell us what you think…if you can

How exceptionally frustrating? After having had my car serviced and repaired at Knowl Hill Garage I received an email from Motor Codes asking for my feedback on the service I received. Fill in the form, hit submit…and it fails.

The form is asking for an invoice number. Why is this silly?

1. It is in the service book of the car and I’m not about to go wandering down the street to get it.

2. There is no field to fill in the invoice number if I did have it!

So, an attempt to improve service has resulted in the garage and Jeep not getting the feedback, annoying me and reminding me that original car fault wasn’t fixed.


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One comment on “Tell us what you think…if you can
  1. David Wheeler says:

    Hi Kevin

    I am sorry to hear about the technical issues you have been having submitting a survey on

    We believe we have now resolved this issue. Can you please revisit your email and take the time to leave a survey for Knowl Hill garage?

    Again I apologise for these problems. If it persists please do let me know.

    Kind regards

    Motor Codes Technical Support

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