Emails to ignore

I do receive some odd emails. The one below (unedited) arrived today. If you want to benefit from the sender’s ideas let me know and I will send you his contact details. But like me, you will probably just read it in disbelief and get on with better things.


Hello how are you hey I was wondering if you know anyone that would represent me. I am a very very intriquing business man with a lot of idea in letters sent to myself. Could you see if anyone could meet with me. I don’t have any money put could make a 10 million a week. If you have anyone. I kid you not.

Please call me [phone number and email address redacted] call me.

I am a partner at Succession Plus. We are specialists in providing proactive, focused and strategic advice for SME owners to help them manage strategic Business Succession and Exit Planning.I am enjoying a career that has embraced product and service businesses at all stages of their journey. I have worked in technology, telecoms, consumer electronics, payments, media, and publishing.

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