Hailo take on Uber


Following London’s black cabs attempt to bring the capital city to a halt with their protest against UberHailo have announced that they are introducing an executive car alternative to the world famous black cab. This service is called HailoExec. Here’s their message:

Hailo is introducing a brand new service for passengers. HailoExec is a high-end car option which has been developed following the requests of business users and the need to offer a high level of service for all passengers. The fleet is made up of cars such as Mercedes and BMWs and will sit as an add-on to our core taxi offering.

It’s a great addition to Hailo’s service, but taxi fans can rest easy. If you request a taxi, we will send you a taxi. There will be no surprise substitutes; the option to select a HailoExec is, literally, in your hands.

HailoExec will be rolled out gradually to all passengers over the next few days as we test it and also to manage the quality of service.

That sounds like an Uber competitor to me. Doesn’t that undermine the traditional, licensed, London taxi? Hailo say, “No. It’s because we want taxis to survive and grow.” Read their rationale and the rest of the story here.

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