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Coca Cola pours down Oxford Street

I was surprised to see a Coke emblazoned London bus that was chopping up the Coca Cola logo as part of the creative concept. This was in Oxford Street this week. Yes, it was quite clever, but I would have thought the

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Why the living wage makes sense

I’ve just spotted this video from my good friend Neal Gandhi @nealgandhi Pay more, sell more, get happier customers…hear the opinions in this short film that advocates the living wage. It’s a short film showing that paying a living wage improves

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Warrington revealed as one of the best places to make a living

The Warrington Guardian reports that: Warrington is nationally recognised as an economic powerhouse as all of the independently produced stats verify. Warrington is ranked third in the UK for highest business growth, only bettered by London and Aberdeen. Our SME’s

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Why did Google invest in Uber?

Last year Google Ventures put $258M into Uber, in its largest deal ever. Since then Uber, the app driven system that gets cars to take you places, has been growing like topsy. Recently I have been using a lot of

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Hailo take on Uber

Following London’s black cabs attempt to bring the capital city to a halt with their protest against Uber, Hailo have announced that they are introducing an executive car alternative to the world famous black cab. This service is called HailoExec. Here’s their message: Hailo

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Lateral thinking

You know how it is, when you get a new car you suddenly spot dozens of identical ones. I have a feeling the same thing happens with thoughts and the media. Currently I’m being assaulted by interesting ideas that seem

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64 hours of travel

In fourteen days I’ve been: In the air for 40 hours Travelling to and from airports and waiting for planes for 12 hours Travelling to and from my office for 12 hours That’s 64 hours travelling in 14 days! Was it

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