Why did Google invest in Uber?

Why did Google invest in Uber?

In 2013 Google Ventures put $258M into Uber, in its largest deal ever. Since then Uber, the app-driven system that gets cars to take you places, has been growing like topsy.

Recently I have been using a lot of Uber cars in Austin, Washington DC, and New York City. The service is great, the cars are clean, the drivers are polite. And we all review each other…that’s the modern way of things.

I can’t help thinking Google’s thoughts on the future are a little developed from here. Combine Google Maps, driverless cars and Uber and we are off and running into a different world. Perhaps Google’s current motive is to gather the data on journeys, travellers, routes and trends in preparation for the app requested, driverless taxi of the future.

Whatever happens , Uber is pissing off, sorry, I mean disrupting, traditional taxis in the US. Uber has already arrived in Leeds, London and Manchester in the UK. In fact Uber are in 50 countries already.

Not using Uber? Sign up here and get a free ride up to £10.

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