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Cold outreach

The first line of a deleted sales email: I know I’m catching you totally out of the blue here, so apologies for the cold outreach. I wanted to take a second to explain why I’m reaching out. It really didn’t grab me.

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When email marketing fails

The sun is shining bright – your thoughts must surely be on “what can I be doing that is work but does not involve me being in this office with no air conditioning?” Well, that was the email I just

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PayPal Credit

I’ve just received an email from those fine people at PayPal. Apparently PayPal Credit, a new payment option, is now available. PayPal Credit is a new service that enables you to make the most of your PayPal account. It works

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It seemed like a good idea

Get the Spring cleaning done early. That seemed like a good idea when I decided to reduce the number of email addresses and accounts I have. This resulted in shed loads of emails moving about; over 43,000! Perhaps the Spring

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Cloudfare upsell

This made me chuckle; an email from CloudFlare, titled “Keep your site safe and prevent data theft with SSL” arrived today. Here it is below. The email looks rather like they want to help inform me and educate me via

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Bad grammar is good in emails

Yes, it’s true, in some of the best ‘commercial’ scam emails bad grammar and spelling is in fact a good thing. Did you know that this is the first customer filtering process for some email scammers? The process is that

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Emails to ignore

I do receive some odd emails. The one below (unedited) arrived today. If you want to benefit from the sender’s ideas let me know and I will send you his contact details. But like me, you will probably just read it

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