CloudFlare upsell

CloudFlare upsell

This made me chuckle; an email from CloudFlare titled, “Keep your site safe and prevent data theft with SSL,” arrived today. 

The email looks rather like they want to help inform me and educate me via a webinar from their solution engineer, Peter Griffin. Really they want to ‘upsell’ to me.

Keeping communication between your visitors and your website secure has never been more important. Data can be vulnerable to theft when transferred to and from your website. One simple solution to this security threat is to encrypt your traffic with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

SSL encryption ensures the data transferred between your visitors and your site is safe and having SSL enabled can also boost your Google search rankings.

Learn about the key features of SSL, how it works on CloudFlare (automatic, custom, or manual option) and which option is right for you.

Join the webinar with solutions engineer Peter Griffin from CloudFlare on Wednesday, July 30th at 10:00 am PST.

Registration link:

The CloudFlare Team

All fine and dandy really. As it happens I unsubscribed from the list and was taken to a page titled “You have been removed from Q3 batch 1 upsell HTTPS.” Here is the page with the message.

CloudFlare upsell

Of course, none of this really matters and CloudFlare is a fine company. But it does feel like I was just a number being sold to. Not really the best parting message for a brand to deliver.

P.S. Lots of hours later the ‘one final email’ mentioned has not arrived. Not that I need it.

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1 Comment on “CloudFlare upsell

  1. Hi Kevin,

    I am sorry the tone of the unsubscribe message made it look like that you were a number. An internal note as to how we track campaigns made it in there mistakenly. I am working to make things better. Please, feel free to contact me directly if you need help with CloudFlare.


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