Sanity vs Vanity

Tell me, in your opinion, the positive aspects of vanity. Quick now, I’m booked to debate Sanity vs Vanity in a couple of weeks time; I’m speaking for vanity (probably in more than one way). Click here to comment.

We do want vanity otherwise we would be cheated of great sights like this:

Two Ferraris in a driveway with personalised number plates:

First car: NOT 1
Second car: BUT 2

Aston Martin and Range Rover parked outside a house in Chelsea:

First car: 2 BE
Second car: NOT 2B

Use the comments button to let me know your ideas. We don’t want our world taken over by sanity!

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One comment on “Sanity vs Vanity
  1. Ellie-Anne says:

    Vanity is good for the mirror industry.

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