Shudder or smile? Four figure log tables

Four figure tables from C Godfrey and A W Siddons

Look what I found! Four figure tables including those dastardly four figure logarithms from Messrs Godfrey and Siddons. I shuddered and then smiled.

I cannot remember my Maths teachers name at Oxford School. And the memories flood back…differential calculus at Shene County Grammar.

Rather surprisingly, to me anyway, I went on to use differential calculus professionally. It was a good job I had kept half an ear open.

Four figure logarithms from C Godfrey and A W Siddons

The next thing I’ll find is that ruddy physics text book. It was the heaviest one of the lot; we had to do PE to get fit enough to carry it.

Anyway, do you remember using these log tables?





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