How does a company fail? To borrow a phrase from Hemingway, two ways: “gradually and then suddenly,” says Kellogg. I met some people today who seemed to be making relatively simple projects very complicated. In fact, everything seemed to be moving …

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Nolan Bushnell talks about business, and life, being a game: “When you lose a game of chess, you don’t go and jump off a bridge, you reset the pieces and do it again. It’s a game!” Source: Atari founder Nolan …

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My apologies to all the people that have been trying to access the chart titled ‘different approaches to pricing’ linked from this post. It got lost somehow…it must have been me. Anyway, I’ve recreated it and it can be accessed from the …

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I’ve been involved in a lot of conversations over the last couple of years about selling to SMEs in the UK. For many companies, this looks like it should be a rich stream of business if only it was accessible. …

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Quotes and quotations about business and marketing I gather a lot of quotes relating to business and marketing on my main website. The link above takes you to the start of these.

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Resignations have increased in the year to February 2010, despite growing fears over job security. Data collected from 43,312 individuals in 197 organisations also reveals that earning power has dropped dramatically in the past year, with ‘take home pay’ heavily …

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Are you focused on flogging stuff or building relationships? The difference is substantial but often misunderstood. Doug Levy has written an interesting article titled 5 principles of breakthrough success in the “Relationship Era”. Levy talks about the history and evolution …

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