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Be your biggest competitor to survive

How does a company fail? To borrow a phrase from Hemingway, two ways: “gradually and then suddenly,” says Kellogg. I met some people today who seemed to be making relatively simple projects very complicated. In fact, everything seemed to be moving

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Solution brands

If: a) A product brand is what the customer will pay for over and above the commodity price of the ingredients, and b) A service brand is what the customer pays for over the simple cost of providing the service.

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Relationships and treating customers as partners

Are you focused on flogging stuff or building relationships? The difference is substantial but often misunderstood.  Doug Levy has written an interesting article titled 5 principles of breakthrough success in the “Relationship Era”. Levy talks about the history and evolution

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It’s the contrasts I find interesting: ASDA and McDonald’s

It’s the contrasts I find interesting. In a couple of hours opinions of a business and it’s brand image can change so quickly. For the worse: a McDonald’s cashier swearing in front of my children. Unacceptable and I paid for

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Pricing survey nonsense

I  was waiting in a line to pay for some petrol at my local BP garage. The delay was caused by the usual number of people buying sausage rolls, milk, cat food and occasionally petrol. The phone rang and a

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Will taking your brand green boost sales?

A lot of companies thought that being environmentally friendly would be an issue forced on them from Brussels. Well, I’m sure it will be for the laggards. But now there is evidence that the green credentials of a company has

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Creating customer evangelists

The excellent book Naked Conversations quotes the book Creating Customer Evangelists and states that if you want your customers to be evangelists for your business you must: Continuously gather customer feedback. Make it a point to share knowledge freely. Expertly

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