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Desperately awful direct marketing

Andrei, go and learn a new profession you’re clearly crap at direct marketing. Readers, here is the first line of Andrei’s email: I’m Andrei, a marketing manager at Traffic Buddy. I came across www..com and see that it has the potential

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The 80/20 Blog

The following is the conclusion of a story about an agency, a client and an opportunity: Sadly, this attitude towards direct marketing is all too common as it relies on oversupply founded on poor data strategy and ill considered customer

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People that don’t respond to your direct marketing

Mike Welsh, CEO, Publicis Dialog, has written a nice piece about direct marketing and the importance of brand consistancy, tone and all  those fine people that don’t respond immediately…have a read. It made me think again about the importance of

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People can’t read their own data?

So why is it that people can’t read their own data? I received a piece of DM from a marketing agency recently. It was creatively good. It inspired me to delay its arrival in the bin. I opened it. So

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Saab: award winning direct marketing

Saab UK has just sent me an excellent piece of direct mail. The small lumpy envelope contained an ‘honorary employee’ badge on a lanyard. The hook to the offer is the opportunity to buy a Saab at Saab employee prices.

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Data Strategy errors

I did chuckle…before I unsubscrided to the emails. I would rather have hoped that an email to me asking me to re-start subscriptions to the magazine Data Strategy would have been addressed to me. Wrong, it was addressed to Ms Ramsey.

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Environmentally friendly Saab

I received two sets of the same piece of direct mail about the new twin turbo Saab this morning. Is this a play on TWIN turbo or just simply shoddy de-duping of data? Identical names and addresses on both envelopes.

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