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Tactical advertising with style and humour

The CEO of Mercedes has just retired. BMW hired an actor who looked like him and made this advert. This is a really good piece of opportunistic marketing by BMW.

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Nothing sells like a sell-out

Years ago, I said, “Nothing sells like a sell-out.” This was an observation that demand for stock items was always lower than for out of stock products. There is some compelling logic behind this; if all vendors are out of stock,

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Napping chair

Have you noticed how well timed the arrival of some marketing messages are? Yes? Well the one below was so well timed I nearly bought it on the spot. Here’s a link to Fancy who email it to me: http://fancy.com/things/950810569613514450/Napping-Office-Chair  

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Beautiful copy from Uber

@Uber I love well written copy. Look at this: There’s little in this world that’ll stop a Londoner from getting to where they need to be, but tonight’s tube strike is set to test the best of us. Well done,

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Debate lost, lesson learnt

I lost in the vote for a public debate last week. It was a great fun event though and the experience reminded me how rare the opportunities for a good, robust, debate come up. The next day I realised there

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Amorphous blob of wonderfulness

It can be fun going through old notes. Look at this lot. It was from a marketing presentation at an event 18 months ago in Berkshire. All four of these words/lines were used by the same speaker. Tangibilize Amorphous blob of wonderfulness

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That website was a waste of time

Lessons learned & action taken: digital marketing fit for purpose. How many times have you wondered about the value of a website or a digital campaign? Executing digital marketing successfully has never been more important. Digital marketing budgets will rise by 10

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