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McPrepaid: Luncheon Vouchers grind beefburgers to a halt

Which retailer has done one of the best jobs of supporting and promoting contactless payments in the UK? I would say McDonald’s. All their restaurants proudly display payments terminals that accept contactless payments and they have made a considerable investement.

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PayPal, McDonald’s talk mobile payment

McDonald’s, the world’s biggest hamburger chain, is testing a mobile payment service featuring PayPal at 30 of its restaurants in France. Earlier this year, McDonald’s ran demonstrations of a broader PayPal mobile payment service at its franchisee conference in Orlando,

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Ah, the power of Twitter

Boris Johnson’s endorsement of McDonald’s Olympic credentials has proved to be a kiss of death, cementing the fast food giant at the bottom of a brand reputation tracker monitoring Twitter sentiment toward the 25 official sponsors of the London Games.

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This year the contactless ‘wave and pay’ revolution finally begins

Greggs the bakers is going contactless/wave and pay at its 1,500 shops. The Co-op’s supermarket chain is introducing the system at all stores within the M25, while Wilkinson, Subway and Superdrug are introducing new tills. They join early-adopter firms such

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When uncertainty is a sure thing

Points and prizes can make for successful product promotion Admit it: at some point you’ve considered buying one of those scratch-off lottery cards at the local corner store. Someone has to win, right? Maybe you have even participated in a

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Starbucks announces UK contactless payment trial

Starbucks: trialling contactless payment in UK stores Starbucks is to follow rivals such as Costa Coffee and McDonalds by offering contactless payments in its UK stores. The coffee-shop chain has signed a deal with Barclaycard, in partnership with Visa Europe,

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Contactless payments to increase retailer revenues

McDonald’s will be introducing contactless payment technology throughout all their restaurants this month. I can see why they would do this; as customer adoption increases the average till time will decrease and there will be less cash to deal with.

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