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The world has gone mobile, so why is m-commerce lagging?

The mobile world descended on Barcelona this week where tens of thousands of delegates discussed how mobile is disrupting multiple industry sectors. However, there is still one glaring barrier to total world domination – the industry’s failure to crack big ticket purchases

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The $144,146,165 Button

Just think, one button that increased New York City cab revenues by $144,146,165…per year! This is an unintended benefit of emerging payment technology  i.e., in this case, mobile card payment acceptance. Read the full story and the calculation via The $144,146,165 Button. Contrast this

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Seven key mobile point of sale providers

Following the launch of Square in May 2010, the mobile PoS solutions market has turned into a highly competitive battleground with European and North American providers jostling for a piece of the action. In this article PaymentEye provides an overview of the

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Square now offers flat fee structure for small businesses

Instead of charging merchants for each transaction, mobile payment startup Square is now offering something that seems to defy conventional wisdom: a flat monthly fee to merchants who see $250,000 or less in sales per year. Those merchants instead of

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PayPal, McDonald’s talk mobile payment

McDonald’s, the world’s biggest hamburger chain, is testing a mobile payment service featuring PayPal at 30 of its restaurants in France. Earlier this year, McDonald’s ran demonstrations of a broader PayPal mobile payment service at its franchisee conference in Orlando,

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The Apple iPhone and NFC

I’ve been talking a fair bit this week about some of the commercial and consumer challenges regarding mobile payments and NFC. I even had one crazy conversation with a lady that felt that a YouGov survey on the subject was

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I can’t see this new term catching on – Smartphonatic. A Smartphonatic is someone who changes their shopping, financial and payment behavior as a result of owning a smartphone. The report identifies a stark difference between mobile adoption among Smartphonatics

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