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Is white label the future for the UK banking market?

Jonathan Jensen, @sevendotzero, has been contributing to the Terrapin blog and talking about consumer banking. The UK banking market needs more competition from providers who can deliver customer centric services in the way consumers want to consume them. This means products from people who

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Cheques: Payments Council to be curbed

The government is punishing the Payments Council for trying to phase out cheques, but failing to come up with an alternative.The Council will lose its power to govern the payments systems for UK banks, under new proposals.The government wants to

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Wakestock music festival first in UK to use microchips

Wristbands fitted with microchips have been worn by everyone at a UK festival for the first time. The technology, which designers claim will cut out fake tickets and queues, was used by 15,000 festival-goers at Wakestock, Cardigan Bay, Wales. Designers claim

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Unordinary Thinking No. 22 – Three tonnes of cash

The benefits a retailer gets from understanding their customers better through the data which is captured.  How retailers can typically expect to get higher margin sales, new customers they would not otherwise get and incremental sales of 40% above the

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3V launches pre-paid ‘youth card’ with parental controls

3V – the global electronic Payments specialists, have launched a customised Chip & PIN Pre-Pay Visa card and money management service for teenagers, introducing the first payment platform to offer comprehensive parental access and controls for the youth market. via

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64 hours of travel

In fourteen days I’ve been: In the air for 40 hours Travelling to and from airports and waiting for planes for 12 hours Travelling to and from my office for 12 hours That’s 64 hours travelling in 14 days! Was it

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FNB eWallet gets a boost

Yet more positve news about the prepaid market in South Africa; this time regarding eWallets. First National Bank’s eWallet has seen a 133% jump in growth for the month of December 2011, processing over R140 million in money transfer transactions

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