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Internet of Things kettle

On the basis that you are best off ignoring the 1 star and 5 star reviews it appears that no one has an opinion about this iKettle. The promoted benefits are: Save time – remote boil from anywhere in the house

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Ten brands that gain the most admiration from marketers

Marketers might have different priorities from members of the public when it comes to admiring businesses and brands, but according to a new list of the companies most respected for their marketing, those brands that please their customers are also

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My favourite marketing quote of 2011

Marketing have published their top ten quotes of the year. My favourite is from Sir Terry Leahy, former chief executive at Tesco. You have to break out of a straitjacket, one that is slowly wrapping around you in your organisation;

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Tesco time warp

There’s been a lot of brands looking to ride the wave of nostalgia through advertising in the past year or so, but this weekend Tesco is opening a retro store as part of the Goodwood Revival classic car festival which

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Tesco to roll out WiFi in UK stores

This is a positive and bold move from Tesco: they are set to roll out free WiFi across its UK stores, allowing users to compare prices and access Clubcard online while they shop. Shoppers will be able to compare prices

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The return of the milkman?

Now here’s an interesting bit of repositioning: Milk & More. So what’s been the course of events: The milkman used to deliver to your door every day. Convenience stores started selling milk at lower prices than the milkman. Supermarkets started

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Ocado and the impact of online opinion

We have Tesco delivering to us on a fairly regular basis. No problems. Personally I enjoy physical food shopping at Waitrose. No problem; in fact the experience at Waitrose in Woodley on Christmas Eve was excellent. So I thought about

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