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Internet of Things kettle

On the basis that you are best off ignoring the 1 star and 5 star reviews it appears that no one has an opinion about this iKettle. The promoted benefits are: Save time – remote boil from anywhere in the house

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Will 5G replace wifi as we know it?

It’s a few years off, but researchers have already managed to achieve 5G download speeds of 1Tbps. Would this type of performance ultimately supersede wifi as we know it? If I were a BT shareholder I would be wanting the business

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Targeted ads that annoy

I really do understand the benefits of personalising ad delivery to an individual. There are  though times that targeted ads just serve to annoy. And this one is a good example. The ad is for BT Infinity. I cannot get

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Tesco to roll out WiFi in UK stores

This is a positive and bold move from Tesco: they are set to roll out free WiFi across its UK stores, allowing users to compare prices and access Clubcard online while they shop. Shoppers will be able to compare prices

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