The end of the Walkman

Sony WalkmanLaunched in 1979, the Walkman has become synonymous with portable, personal music. Sony has now ceased production of the Walkman for their domestic Japanese market after 31 years and over 200 million sales worldwide.

This innovative product created an audio sector that was over 3 million units of personal stereos per annum in the UK alone, with Sony taking over 30% market share.

On the 30th anniversary of the Walkman Time magazine wrote a good history of the product.

Today the Daily Telegraph and most of the media have reported on the end of the Walkman.

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2 comments on “The end of the Walkman
  1. Trevor Simms says:

    So were Sony caught napping, they had major market share in portable personal music, where are they in the MP3 market?

  2. Kevin Harrington says:

    The story here is that Sony were always good at mechanical solutions i.e. the Walkman. If it needed software it wasn’t their strength.

    Then along came Apple…they delivered a software solution that worked.

    1980s guru = Akio Morita
    1990s guru = Steve Jobs

    Sony have been catching up though and continue to be a considerable force to reckon with.

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