Petrol down to 99.9p per litre

Petrol was down to 99.9p per litre in Reading, Berkshire today. Fabulous. Just two days ago it was 105.9p. It cost me £3 less to fill the tank.

We are all happy enough to moan at the speed prices increase. So I’m giving praise to BP for the rapid deflation.

p.s. the petrol station mentioned is the BP Connect one at the Three Tuns crossroads, Wokingham Road, Reading, Berkshire.

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7 comments on “Petrol down to 99.9p per litre
  1. Fraser says:

    8.45 kroner a litre here in Denmark (91p). But then, cars cost three times as much, so go figure.

  2. Kevin Harrington says:

    And the prices keep falling: Tesco has jut cut the price of petrol and diesel by 3p a litre. They have a local pricing policy and this reduction will see their price of unleaded between 82.9p and 85.9p.

  3. Kevin Harrington says:

    And now prices are typically £1.20 per litre. Amazing price volatility. Perhaps I should find a graph that shows a 50 year history.

  4. Kevin Harrington says:

    And here is the graph sourced from an interesting Guardian article on petol prices titled “You think fuel prices are bad? Historically, they’re not – and we’ve graphed it“.

  5. Kevin Harrington says:

    Locally £1.24 a litre for unleaded now.

  6. Kevin Harrington says:

    The AA said prices averaged 129.46p a litre in mid March 2014.

  7. Kevin Harrington says:

    Currently £1.299 for a litre of diesel at my local Morrisons and Sainsbury’s in Warrington. Down 3p in last fortnight.

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