By not really changing the price of coffee the University of Winchester campus has used 34,000 less the disposable cups in the first year. How? By removing rewards and introducing penalties. See the video here from BBC News. This all …

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This was the message I saw on a software website: Looking for an Academic Discount? With our new simplified pricing, we no longer have a separate academic store. Instead our new, greatly reduced prices are available to all customers. What …

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Of course you can get the price down. Learn from this hilarious masterclass. When only price matters.

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My apologies to all the people that have been trying to access the chart titled ‘different approaches to pricing’ linked from this post. It got lost somehow…it must have been me. Anyway, I’ve recreated it and it can be accessed from the …

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This is a positive and bold move from Tesco: they are set to roll out free WiFi across its UK stores, allowing users to compare prices and access Clubcard online while they shop. Shoppers will be able to compare prices …

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It is often said that the way to carve a position in a market is to do things differently from your competitors. This means that in a bundled market you unbundle and conversely in an unbundled market you bundle. The advantages are that direct …

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If: a) A product brand is what the customer will pay for over and above the commodity price of the ingredients, and b) A service brand is what the customer pays for over the simple cost of providing the service. …

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