An Experiment With Coffee Prices

An Experiment With Coffee Prices

By not really changing the price of coffee the University of Winchester campus has used 34,000 less the disposable cups in the first year. How? By removing rewards and introducing penalties.

See the video here from BBC News.

This all feels a little counter-intuitive to me, but it appears to be a success. The University of Winchester changed the way their prices were presented. The old pricing had a 25p discount if a customer brought their own cup/mug. The revised pricing reduced the coffee prices by 25p and charged a 25p penalty if the customer needed a disposable cup.

I wonder how much of the success was caused by a general increased awareness of plastic pollution? It is also quite likely that 25p reduced price on the menu would have stimulated sales.

The key learning here for me is – experiment. There are many ways your pricing can be presented differently, trial some new ideas.

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