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Experiment with coffee prices

By not really changing the price of coffee the University of Winchester campus has used 34,000 less the disposable cups in the first year. How? By removing rewards and introducing penalties. See the video here from BBC News. This all

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Why do so many people hate US airports?

Fed up with Heathrow Airport? Heathrow and other British airports don’t even feature in this article on frustrating airports and hubs. Sixty-seven percent of people who fly out of America arrive at a better airport, The Economist estimated last year, after

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John Lewis managing director Andy Street

This video of Andy Street, Managing Director of John Lewis, is an excellent example of a business leader communicating clearly and with purpose. He comes over as in control, believable and trustworthy – three attributes missing from many MDs or CEOs.

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Increasing declines on the BBC

I know it was first thing in the day but I did struggle to understand this rather odd sentence: The research, based on official statistics, shows that this decline is continuing and perhaps increasing. So it is declining and increasing.

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Lateral thinking

You know how it is, when you get a new car you suddenly spot dozens of identical ones. I have a feeling the same thing happens with thoughts and the media. Currently I’m being assaulted by interesting ideas that seem

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Cash remains king in UK shops

Alternative/emerging means of payment, such as online payments and money-off coupons, grew last year seemingly by 150%, although these remained a fraction of the total. But cash remains the dominant payment mechanism. Cash is still the most popular form of

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Charity fundraisers facing new rules

The male Red Cross chugger claiming to be a busty blonde female when he approached me near Waterloo was a further reminder to me of the damage that can be done by poor collection methods. I was therefore especially pleased

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