Facebook Banned at a Recruitment Company

Facebook Banned at a Recruitment Company

I’ve yet to get all the details on this but I’ve just been told that employees at a certain recruitment agency are banned from using Facebook. Quite incredible.

We discovered this after we Googled a prospective candidate and found their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. When discussing our observations the recruitment agency said they didn’t use Facebook to check candidates because they were banned/blocked from using the site.

What does this tell you of the agency? They don’t trust their own staff? They are giving less screening of candidates than most other agencies?

And while I’m at it…

Writing this blog post reminded me of the first email I received this morning. It was a spam email from Timothy James Consulting. How do I know it was spam…it was sent to an email address that hasn’t even been released yet inviting me to recruit someone with a skill set that is irrelevant for my team. I’d already told them to remove this address but it is clearly easier for them to carry on spamming me.

So watch out for emails from chris@timothyjamesconsulting.com or anyone else @timothyjamesconsulting.com…they’re a right shower.

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  1. My company has also suffered from emails from these people as well. We’ve had 142 emails in the last 3-4 weeks. When I spoke to them the first time about it they assured me their emails were very targeted. It is anything but targeted.

    I’ve now had to speak to them again about it, and have put a block on our spam service to prevent any emails from them.

    I think a complaint to the trading standards or something is in order. In my opinion they’re desperately close to reaching the realms of fake pill pushers.

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