Online promotion gone wrong

Online promotion gone wrong

Mmm, I’m less than impressed: attempting to visit the Coinstar promotion website I ended up looking at Haygarth’s website. Haygarth may well be the Coinstar agency but it is not what I wanted to see.

After a bit of fiddling, I discovered that the www. bit was required. So this link works:

It really is a bit of an elementary set-up mistake though. I wonder how many other people have simply given up?


I should mention that the Coinstar service is quite useful. On Sunday my daughter Tilly and I staggered off with some 2,000 1p coins, 2,500 2p coins and loads of 5p coins and other shrapnel. These had been skulking around at home for ages and delivering no benefit to anyone. Frankly, the 8.9% charge at the Coinstar machine seemed quite reasonable.

What’s the alternative to Coinstar? Well, spending the shrapnel and loose change as you go is clearly one solution…but I’m not very good at that. The other option is to bank it, and banking loose change is not easy e.g. Nationwide will only take 4 bags per day.

PPS 28/11/11

They’ve fixed it now. It was going to

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  1. Someone just sent me an anonymous email saying, “I have repeatedly tried to find out whether I’m a winner of not but page keeps saying “come back later”….Is this a scam ????…thank you.”

    Both the brand Coinstar and the agency Haygarth are highly reputable. If Mr/Mrs Anonymous is having a problem it is not likely to be a scam. It may be a website or a browser or user problem.

    I actually managed to use it okay in the end…but I wasn’t a winner.

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