Annoying Verbal Platitudes

Annoying Verbal Platitudes

The umpteenth person this year just said, “Enjoy,” as they delivered my order to me. Is that a request or an instruction? Whatever it was, was she thinking about what she was saying? I doubt it. I suspect it was just an annoying verbal platitude.

I then read this wonderful letter (above). What a great response to the, “Have a nice day,” garbage some people come up with. Well done Peter Ustinov.

What I need is the same quality of response to the request or instruction for me to enjoy my coffee, drink or meal. Any suggestions are welcome.

The Text from The Times

Passing pleasantries
To The Times

Further to the letters on annoying verbal platitudes, Peter Ustinov, while on a visit to America and having paid for his groceries at a superstore, was urged by the checkout assistant to “Have a nice day”.

To this he famously replied: ” Thank you, but I have other plans.”

James Thomas, Chilbolton, Hamspshire

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