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Rail tickets for Reading to Leeds returnIt was recently announced that there would be a government review of rail fare structures and ticketing. I’m sure many of us would agree this is needed.

I’m on a return journey from Reading to Leeds. Using a ticket splitting service I saved £43.12. What this means is that a website service searched all elements of my route, getting prices for each and every variation of station departure and routing points to get the best fare. All perfectly in line with the rules.

The train companies themselves will not offer this service. They appear content to not help travellers on this matter.

The issue that made me smile was the number of tickets I ended up with for my journey…a total 10 ticketed journeys and 19 pieces of card. But, a saving of about a third made it feel quite acceptable.

A word of warning though. You will have to allow extra time on your journey to allow for the printing of all the tickets!

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