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Q: What matters in B2B marketing?

Omobono, partners of The Marketing Society, set out to establish an authoritative benchmark of B2B digital marketing activity. They wanted to find out how much was invested into digital by B2B marketers, and which digital activities were viewed most positively.

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Are SMEs worth it?

I’ve been involved in a lot of conversations over the last couple of years about selling to SMEs in the UK. For many companies this looks like it should be a rich stream of business if only it was accessible.

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Does social media cut it for B2B sales & marketing?

The current hot stories about B2B marketing and sales eminating from the US are about Facebook and its use in the mix. This may well be valid but I guess these messages are also being propogated by people with a

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People can’t read their own data?

So why is it that people can’t read their own data? I received a piece of DM from a marketing agency recently. It was creatively good. It inspired me to delay its arrival in the bin. I opened it. So

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B2B marketing in second place

Charlotte Graham-Cumming, joint managing director at Ice Blue Sky started a debate recently on LinkedIn about B2B marketing. B2B Marketing Focus – is there an appetite? I have had a couple of discussions with Marketing Society members around increasing the amount

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Changes in B2B marketing

How has B2B marketing changed in the last decade? Well in our business physical brochures are becoming less common, PDFs are prolific, websites are the order of the day and there are many other changes as well. I was pleased

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How much do you want to pay for a new customer?

This is a rather compelling argument from those people at TippingPointLabs: $270 per customer, or $52,000 … which would you prefer?   Converting people from conventional approaches and traditional media can be a challenge. But if your business is built around

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