Thank you to Rachael Simpson at Marketing Native for the reminder about the Sun Tzu, The Art of War, reminder about the difference between strategy and tactics. Read Rachael’s blog post about 5 key elements of a strong marketing strategy.

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The current hot stories about B2B marketing and sales eminating from the US are about Facebook and its use in the mix. This may well be valid but I guess these messages are also being propogated by people with a …

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Now here is a subject to debate: is marketing a profession? David Pearson, a previous managing director of mine, says on his blog: Some argue that Marketing is the oldest Profession because the ladies who traditionally claim that status must have …

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May 2007 saw the start of this blog. Three years on it’s still here! The cosmetics have changed a couple of times, it’s moved from Blogger to WordPress, but it’s still here. It made me wonder how old some of …

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Charlotte Graham-Cumming, joint managing director at Ice Blue Sky started a debate recently on LinkedIn about B2B marketing. B2B Marketing Focus – is there an appetite? I have had a couple of discussions with Marketing Society members around increasing the amount …

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Man and boy Scottish & Newcastle marketer Jeremy Blood said, in answer to “What brand do you most admire and why?: Champagne. A brilliant combination. A simple gimmick (bubbles and a popping cork) global appeal, and ownership of ‘celebratory drinks’. …

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Seth Godin, on his blog, challenges us all to define great marketing in fewer than four words. His four words are: “Make big promises; overdeliver.”He goes on to say, “If you can define great marketing in fewer words than that, …

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