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You can complain when it suits us

Help me, please. I’m trying to decide if this is ethical or fair trading. I would love your opinion. Read on… I was looking at a UK based holiday company online. They are conveniently available 7 days a week including

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Reward after the recession

The recession has left employers scrambling to cut business costs, yet many are still pushing for higher productivity from their employees. During such turbulent times, companies can often lose their focus on employee motivation. However, if employers simply push their

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CPC advertising let down by service

I texted the number at the end of the TV advert for a catalogue. I got an immediate text back thanking me for my interest and saying they would contact me soon for address details. Five days later and I’ve

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Variable Volvo service

I thought car customers were hard to get hold of these days. You wouldn’t believe it at Motorworld Volvo in Oxford. I asked to talk to someone about leasing a Volvo and I was told to phone some number in

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No, that’s the vinegar

I think a measure of good consumer products packaging is when I automatically pick up something and get exactly what I expected. Time and time again, generally when I am out enjoying a bacon buttie, I pick up the Heinz

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Apologies for the inconvenience…

Even the local cinema is computer dependent now. I couldn’t book online and apparently no one could. This was the big box office sales Sunday for the latest Indiana Jones movie. That wasn’t the film I was off to see

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BA – the world’s favourite joke

So, we’re all bored with the Terminal 5 stories now. Perhaps we raised an eyebrow when we learned that the case and luggage losses were so bad that some insurers are withdrawing cover for travellers using T5. I thought they

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