CPC advertising let down by service

I texted the number at the end of the TV advert for a catalogue. I got an immediate text back thanking me for my interest and saying they would contact me soon for address details. Five days later and I’ve still heard nothing.

I wonder how CPC Farnell measure the return on investment from their TV advertising? It may be by the increase in market share of their competitors…I’ve just got what I needed from Screwfix.

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3 Comments on “CPC advertising let down by service

  1. I am most concerned to see your comment, we have very strict controls in place to ensure all enquiries are responded to in a prompt manner.
    Your interest is extremely important to us and if you could contact me directly I will ensure the situation is rectified immediately.
    My email address is edited.edited@cpc.co.uk

  2. Well done, CPC. A speedy pick up of a blog post. I might end up being a CPC customer yet.

  3. A happy end to the story:

    I’ve now got catalogues from CPC.

    It turns out they did try and contact me, but they left no message. I failed to guess that the 08*** number was them.

    Angela says that they have changed the process at their end so this shouldn’t happen again.

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