Supermarket shopping for heroes

This is a good story and brand to follow: Go shopping to give heroes a bag of cash.

I must immediately declare a personal interest here as I know Andrew Gidden, the founder and managing director, of Red Lion Foods Ltd.

The concept is simple: 100% of the post tax profits go to armed forces charities. At the launch event £100,000 was donated. This money was shared by The Royal British Legion and SSAFA. This created a considerable amount of excitement and positive support for the business straight away. And of course as the business continues to trade and grow the payments to charities will recur…this is not a one off exercise.

What will be interesting here is how fast the brand catches on with minimal ATL activity. Will word of mouth (WOM) get people reaching for Red Lion Foods teabags at Tesco or ham at Morrisons? Personally I think it will take off; here is a way for consumers to support a range of popular causes without spending more or signing a direct debit. Already some pundits are predicting this to be a £150m business in 12 months.

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