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The secrets of ‘showrooming’: price is not the only reason people shop online

While you fight your way around the town centre shops this Christmas van drivers and couriers are beating a trail to our front door delivering the spoils of an earnest online shopping campaign executed by my wife. I had thought that my

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Word of mouth and pepper spray parody

Read the article below, and the rest of it at the Kellogg website. There really is an opportunity to stand out from others by writing good old fashioned letters to people. For better or worse, a decade of development in

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Does social media cut it for B2B sales & marketing?

The current hot stories about B2B marketing and sales eminating from the US are about Facebook and its use in the mix. This may well be valid but I guess these messages are also being propogated by people with a

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Those Welch are very civil

Now that’s what you want, your contractors staff being polite and civil advocates for your brand. This morning, at Loddon Primary School, there was a big hole in the ground. There were four workmen digging a trench to lay green

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Supermarket shopping for heroes

This is a good story and brand to follow: Go shopping to give heroes a bag of cash. I must immediately declare a personal interest here as I know Andrew Gidden, the founder and managing director, of Red Lion Foods

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Surrey mums like MAD activities

We all know that word of mouth (WOM) is very powerful marketing. Therefore it was very pleasing to see the comment below on Surrey Mums about one of my wife’s businesses. “I’ve recently started taking my little girl to MAD

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Are Chef’s Table dinners the best word of mouth (WOM) marketing?

Are Chef’s Table dinners the best word of mouth (WOM) marketing? You pay for the best then go off and tell everyone about it. Restaurant wins at both ends. I raise this subject as a compliment having just had the

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