Beadle and Crome Miss the Boat

Beadle and Crome Miss the Boat
Beadle and Crome sale

Every year Beadle and Crome, the interiors business in the Oxford Road, Reading, send me a Christmas card. This of course has little to do with Christmas and their good wishes to me and my family (they don’t know us from Adam and we’ve never bought anything from them) but is more focussed on telling me about their January sale.

I was amused to receive their 2010 Christmas card today, 11 January 2011. Inside was the flyer (pictured) telling me the sale started 15 days ago. I guess the bargains have all gone now then.

Additionally they tell me that if I go back in time and place an order before 2 January 2011 I can get an extra 5% discount.

Direct mail, is it so difficult to get it right?

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2 Comments on “Beadle and Crome Miss the Boat

  1. Kevin,

    The next time you feel inclined to publish your views please ensure you have all the facts.

    Beadle & Crome’s Christmas Card is only intended to be sent to existing customers. If you appear on the database in error this can easily be rectified.

    Your cynical view that it has little to do with Christmas is incorrect. The business has sent cards to its customers for many years as a genuine expression of Christmas wishes. The sale message is a recent addition designed simply to inform.

    The late delivery was due to the Royal Mail delaying this mailing during the bad weather. It was actually posted via Mailsort 3 on 8th Dec with most arriving in the following week.

    Blogging. Is it so difficult to get it right?


    Andy Litton
    Managing Director
    Air Creative Marketing Ltd

  2. Hi Andy.

    Thank you for your comment and thank you for explaining the reason for the late arrival of the Christmas card and its contents.

    As I have never bought anything from Beadle & Crome I guess neither of us know how I come to be on their mailing list.

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