This video of Andy Street, Managing Director of John Lewis, is an excellent example of a business leader communicating clearly and with purpose. He comes over as in control, believable and trustworthy – three attributes missing from many MDs or CEOs. …

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Happy Christmas to one and all. I hope you and your friends and family are having a wonderful time. Here is my youngest grandchild wrapped up ready for the white Christmas that we are unlikely to have in Berkshire.

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The proportion of web traffic via mobile will hit 20 per cent this Christmas, according to IBM figures, and brands that fail to implement a mobile marketing strategy are losing out on sales by putting up ‘closed for business’ signs …

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Beadle and Crome sale

Every year Beadle and Crome, the interiors business in the Oxford Road, Reading, send me a Christmas card. This of course has little to do with Christmas and their good wishes to me and my family (they don’t know us from Adam …

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It’s about time I started fighting back! What is the point of having a ‘no junk mail, commercial leaflets or flyers please’ sticker on our front door if it is ignored? So, to make me feel happier about the junk …

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Good service leaves a positive and lasting impression. Unfortunately we all too often end up telling friends and colleagues of the poor service we have received. My shopping experiences this Christmas have been really quite good: service levels have been …

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Here we are in the middle of the hospitality season. I thought this plate of digestive biscuits in a meeting room in London was especially appetising. What’s been a memorable culinary experience for you this Christmas?

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