TM Lewin get it right

I’ve recently become a bit of a fan of TM Lewin. This all started when I went to their store at Cheshire Oaks. The store manager successfully got me to try a shirt on for fit. Previously I had, rather arrogantly, assumed I knew best. The result was a near perfect fit for an off the shelf shirt: collar, sleeve and fit. Bricks and mortar shopping still works!

Last week I ordered 4 shirts from TM Lewin online. I had a Dickens of job trying to checkout using different addresses for the billing and delivery addresses. In the end I gave up and falsely entered the billing address (there were a couple of associated issues).

As is the way of world, I got an email from TM Lewin, via Feefo, asking for my opinion of the experience. I told them, politely of course. Low and behold…I got an email from a human that had read my comments and offering help. Well done TM Lewin and thank you for the your generosity as well.

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