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TM Lewin get it right

I’ve recently become a bit of a fan of TM Lewin. This all started when I went to their store at Cheshire Oaks. The store manager successfully got me to try a shirt on for fit. Previously I had, rather

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I can’t see this new term catching on – Smartphonatic. A Smartphonatic is someone who changes their shopping, financial and payment behavior as a result of owning a smartphone. The report identifies a stark difference between mobile adoption among Smartphonatics

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Name and shame the door drop marketers

It’s about time I started fighting back! What is the point of having a ‘no junk mail, commercial leaflets or flyers please’ sticker on our front door if it is ignored? So, to make me feel happier about the junk

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Asda marketing is getting noticed

You know, I really don’t like shopping at Asda. But you never know, I could get converted. Recently I have been impressed with a number of their marketing activities: I’ve heard some really good things about the way Asda motivate

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Get the right screwdriver

Tools of the trade and how to use them is the basis of the commercial training industry. And as ever, the examples of the need (things going wrong) are always good fun. The gist of this was that, in a

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How to change a dress size in a day

Surely the vague adoption of clothes/dress sizes within UK fashion retailers is tantamount to deceit? An online survey of 1,000 women, indicated that 15% bought a bigger dress size than they expected when shopping at Primark. Top Shop and New

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Cauliflower shock story

Well, it was a shock to Jo, one of my daughters. In one of her rare encounters with the kitchen she was dismayed at how small the head of the cauliflower was in comparison to the leaves surrounding it. She

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