I can’t see this new term catching on – Smartphonatic.

A Smartphonatic is someone who changes their shopping, financial and payment behavior as a result of owning a smartphone. The report identifies a stark difference between mobile adoption among Smartphonatics and other consumers: while 80 percent of Smartphonatics have used their smartphones for mobile banking only one-third of non-Smartphonatics report doing so. Similarly 70 percent of Smartphonatics have used their smartphones for mobile payments, less than a quarter of non-Smartphonatics have done so.

via Global Study Identifies Impact of Smartphone Use on Mobile Banking and Payments – MarketWatch.

Just because I own a tool to do a job it doesn’t follow I get named after it. Let’s see if it catches on.

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2 Comments on “Smartphonatics

  1. Whether or not the term catches on or not is fine by me.

    Your comment, however, makes me wonder if you’ve missed the point of naming the segment. Owning a smartphone doesn’t make someone a Smartphonatic. But there is a sub-segment of smartphone owners who change their banking, shopping, and payments (retail, monthly bill, and p2p) behavior as a result of owning a smartphone.

    If you simply use your smartphone to access the web, continue to use your debit or credit card to make retail payments, and continue to mail in your bills or pay online at the biller or bank site, then you’re not a Smartphonatic.

    The point of the report is not to create a term that catches on, but to provide insights into a growing — and global — set of consumers that represent the early adopters of new technologies and behaviors.

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