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First NFC smartphones certified as MasterCard PayPass approved devices

Research In Motion announced the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Curve 9360 smartphones are the first SIM-based NFC smartphones to be certified by MasterCard Worldwide as PayPass-approved devices. With this certification, any MasterCard PayPass-issuing bank globally will be able to

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First BlackBerry NFC phones to arrive later this month

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 NFC-enabled smartphones will start shipping “later this month”, Research in Motion has announced. RIM first unveiled the two phones in May this year and said at the time that they would be available from

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Free replacements for Microsoft

Where did it start? Bye bye BlackBerry and hello HTC Desire, an Android phone. This led on to the following, liberating changes: Google Chrome replacing Internet Explorer. Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts replacing Outlook. Open Office replacing Microsoft Office.

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Volvo, stick to what you are good at

Volvo, at the recommendation of their agency Mindshare, have started a campaign to annoy potential customers right across Europe. Well done. I say this based on my experience. The essence of the campaign is a Quick Response (QR) mechanism. This

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The G1 Google Phone may be for me

I’m rather excited by the pending arrival of the Google Phone, G1. But it will be a quandary for me. Out of principal I would not buy an iPhone as I find their distribution approach offensive. I don’t want to

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