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Clarity of disposable lense pricing

Is the pricing on this advert misleading? The headline price of £5.99 is shouted loud and clear. In reality, the minimum transaction cost is £13.38. £5.99 gets you a box of 32 disposable contact lenses. But you cannot buy one

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Decoy pricing

Don’t put your prices down, use a decoy. Let me explain the idea with a case study from Williams-Sonoma, an American publicly traded consumer retail company that sells kitchenwares and home furnishings. Williams-Sonoma introduced a home bread making machine for

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How much does a ghostwriter cost?

As a continuation of my interest in pricing methods I found it interesting to learn the different approaches to pricing by ghostwriters. Their charges can be by: hour word page project percentage of profits combination of the above Depending on

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Demand based pricing in action

Cost plus pricing? Bin it. I’ve talked before about the many different approaches to pricing. Here is a stunning example of demand based pricing in action. This is the ABode Hotel, Chester and their room rate pricing around Ladies Day and

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How to sell the benefits of no discounts

This was the message I saw on a software website: Looking for an Academic Discount? With our new simplified pricing, we no longer have a separate academic store. Instead our new, greatly reduced prices are available to all customers. What

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Unwanted homes in Irish Republic could be demolished

Here is a corking supply and demand story. They have been called the ghost estates of the Irish Republic – about 300,000 homes built in the frenzy of the property boom that no-one wants to live in now. via BBC

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Groupon business model is flawed

“The only way for businesses to justify the ‘loss leader’ promotion that Groupon uses to acquire new customers is to hope that the acquired customers return to the business in the future and pay regular, profitable prices,” says Seethu Seetharaman,

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