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Variable Volvo service

I thought car customers were hard to get hold of these days. You wouldn’t believe it at Motorworld Volvo in Oxford. I asked to talk to someone about leasing a Volvo and I was told to phone some number in

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Marketing basketball

Reading Rockets have set a fine example to sports clubs with their recent marketing activity. Via local schools they distributed flyers for a home match that gave the pupils free tickets. Accompanying adults got a £1 discount against the full £7

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Hospital fashions

This is a sign I saw at the Royal Berkshire Hospital: Today, ladies fashions, off the rails. I bet that gets people queuing up with expectation. How many people want fashion items that are “off the rails”? And the mixed message

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Petrol down to 99.9p per litre

Petrol was down to 99.9p per litre in Reading, Berkshire today. Fabulous. Just two days ago it was 105.9p. It cost me £3 less to fill the tank. We are all happy enough to moan at the speed prices increase.

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Hospital waste and bugs

I  think our local hospital, The Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, is excellent. That said, at a time when we are all concerned about bugs being transmitted through wards I think they could manage the message a little better. This

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Modifying corporate logos

Should people play around with corporate logos? I think Google has added to their brand image by creating seasonal treatments for its logo. St Patrick’s Day and Christmas themes spring to mind. The modifications have given their business more of

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Great service and net promoter score

Good service leaves a positive and lasting impression. Unfortunately we all too often end up telling friends and colleagues of the poor service we have received. My shopping experiences this Christmas have been really quite good: service levels have been

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