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Tempted to move my web hosting

To get a company to fix a problem of their creation I had to demand the name and address of their CEO and resort to complaining Tweets to get a solution. This was my experience last week when I had a

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Crowds ‘could be counted’ with phone and Twitter data 

Nice gig if you can get it: Warwick University researchers studied geo-tagged Tweets and mobile phone use over a two-month period in Milan. Seriously though, this is an unsurprising but interesting piece of research. The article lead me initially to think

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London Marathon marketing winners

I wonder what the level of spontaneous recall there would be to the question, “Can you name three London Marathon sponsors.” I think I may have got two. With a little prompting I would have got three. There is an impressive

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Royal births and social media

A modern baby is about to be born. And I’m pleased to note that tradition regarding the announcement is to be maintained along with the use of modern media methods. According to the BBC the Royal birth will be announced

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Ah, the power of Twitter

Boris Johnson’s endorsement of McDonald’s Olympic credentials has proved to be a kiss of death, cementing the fast food giant at the bottom of a brand reputation tracker monitoring Twitter sentiment toward the 25 official sponsors of the London Games.

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Should we all be talking about the riots on the streets of London

Now here is an interesting debate in the offing: Rosie Baker, writing at Marketing Week, is talking about Coco Cola, Old El Paso and Peacocks marketing and use of Twitter during the riots in London. There are many more serious issues at

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Jack Dorsey’s Square raises US$100m

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s technology company Square, which enables e-payments anywhere, has raised US$100m in Series C funding, valuing the company at more than US$1bn. The marketplace for mobile device payments is beginning to open up and last week Google

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